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Meet the Founders

Meet The Founders

Written by: Siobhan Murray



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Introducing the women behind Mantra Official... Siobhan Murray, Suzanne Jackson and Terrie McEvoy reveal to us how friends with a shared mindset can build a thriving business in just under a year. For International Women’s Day we sat down to chat about what each of them brings to the table that defines the brand, the importance of timeless pieces and some of their personal favourite mantras and muses.


Tell us about Mantra Official?

Suzanne: Mantra Official is a brand that wants to take the complexity out of shopping for women. We live in a world of fast fashion and constantly emerging trends and it can be exhausting to keep up with. We want to focus on quality made to last in your wardrobe. Traditionally really high quality comes with a hefty price tag and we are trying to bridge that gap; investment pieces but not at designer prices. This year we are moving into new product categories, it wont be just footwear and we want to bring our customer on a journey with us. We want to show her some of the pieces before they launch to ensure they are what she wants and needs them to be for her everyday life.  

How did you all meet?

Siobhan: Back in 2015 I worked as part of the Penneys buying team and I listed Sue’s nail polish collection! We hit it off quickly and a couple of years later I ended up becoming the Brand Manager for SOSU Cosmetics. Sue & I became quite the duo growing the brand, the team and launching new products. Along that journey we became great friends and Sue supported me whole heartedly when I decided to set up 23 The Agency in 2019. I still pop in and out of the SOSU office, it feels like a second home to me at times!   With Terrie, during my time at SOSU Cosmetics, I got to know her as she was and still is a brand ambassador of theirs. Terrie & Sue had known each other for years both being from North Co. Dublin. When she moved home from Australia it was around the exact same time as I was starting the agency and she joined with me. Another amazing friendship was born! I would say it’s very unusual for a day to pass that the three of us aren’t voice noting / calling / messaging one another. We obviously chat work but there’s also lots of girl talk and we support one another in lots of ways.     

What does each of you bring to the brand?

Terrie: I think it’s safe to say Siobhan is the organiser! She keeps us all working towards the brand goals. Sue & I bring the product & marketing element. We’re always communicating with our audience to make sure we know what they are saying whether it is feedback on existing product or what they want to see in the future. We’re also keeping up with trends on social as we are such a digital led brand. The three of us compliment each other well and we play to our strengths.    

Who are the women that inspire you? 

Suzanne: I think I can speak for the three of us when I say its our Mum’s. They are 3 incredible women who have raised us to be the women we are now. Your mother is the woman that you learn from from day one and there is so much we take from them that they probably don’t even realise. Thank you to our Mama’s   

What are the Mantra's you live by?

Siobhan: Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. Whether it’s your work or what you’re doing on a Saturday with your family or friends, make it count. Life is short and if we could all just truly enjoy as many moments as possible, it would be a happier world. If you take nothing for granted, you’ll cherish everything that small bit more.  

What is the most important lesson you've learnt as female entrepreneurs?

Terrie: Don’t doubt yourself. It’s completely natural to have nerves and fear when doing something new and unknown but belief in yourself has to be there to keep going. Launching something is only just the start, the continuous journey is what takes time, resilience and hard work. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to keep moving forward.  

Who is your style Icon?

Siobhan: Audrey Hepburn for me. I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember. She was an outstanding natural beauty and her fashion was understated and chic. We definitely take inspiration from her for Mantra Official and in fact, something very Audrey is coming soon.   

Some throwback pics of us from across the last couple of years...

Suzanne & Terrie at the Hot Fire Eyeshadow Palette launch August 2017      

  Suzanne & Siobhan on a SOSU buying trip Las Vegas August 2018     

Suzanne & Zoey (Siobhan's daughter) Sept 2021


Launch day of Mantra Official December 2021