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Q&A: In The Edit

Q&A: In The Edit

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Welcome to our Style Series Q&A with the In the Edit girlies. Carol and Hayley are the stylish duo that run the @in.theedit Instagram page, where they share the most incredible outfit inspiration content with their followers. We were delighted to get the chance to speak to Carol and Hayley and dive into their insights on all things fashion.

How would you sum up your style in 3 words?

Hayls - I like oversized!

Caz- comfortable, casual, cool - all the c’s

What fashion pieces are you looking forward to styling for SS24?

Hayls - I love wearing lots of linen in summer; shirts, shorts and trousers. A go to for me is an oversized linen co-ord - at this stage I have one in every colour, but I don't think you can beat a white one styled with flat sandals, a big basket bag and some sunglasses. Worn to the beach, running errands or out for dinner it's my signature summer look.

Caz - Shirts & co-ords, I can't really bring myself to wear a shirt in autumn/winter as it is just too cold. I love a simple cotton shirt with jeans/trousers styled with lots of gold jewellery, it works for day or night. Co-ords - both shorts and trousers, I bought one or two last year and have my eye on one from Whistles at the moment, they look so chic and the beauty of co-ords is they work styled with other basics in your wardrobe, so you can get lots of outfits out of them

Can you share 3 practical fashion tips for our audience?

When making a purchase try and think of at least 3 outfits you can make with it from items already in your wardrobe. Does the item have longevity and will I still be reaching for this item this time next year?

Clothing composition, we always look at clothing labels, choosing breathable, natural fibers. 9 times out of 10 these fabrics look better and they last longer.

Stop focusing on the clothing size and go by how the item fits and looks. How does the material hang, is it comfy, do you feel good. If you need to size up for a better fit, do it! Once you stop worrying about wearing a certain size and wear what actually works for you, you’ll start to wear the clothes instead of having them wear you.

In the Edit

What fashion accessories are essential to you?

We always have sunglasses with us, they elevate any outfit, and are great for hiding behind on those no make up days.

Jewellery really helps us to bring individuality and personality to our outfits. We love to be quite playful with ours, stacking rings in mixed metals, textures and stones, layering necklaces. A good earring can really help to pull together an outfit, we are experimenting quite a bit with silver at the moment.

We love a cap, perfect for a weekend off-duty look, to hide day 3 hair or with more elevated items like blazers and trenches for an effortless cool girl vibe.

Who are your current favourite fashion inspirations to follow on Instagram?

Hayls - My number 1 has to be Charlotte Collins, she just gets it right EVERY SINGLE TIME! Jessie Bush, I’m obsessed with her and her laid back effortless style. I also love Molly Mckeever, chefs kiss, her outfits are really original, she has a great eye. I always want to buy everything she shares.

Caz- Marine Diet, I only started following her recently but i'm obsessed, she is french, and well her style is just French girl perfection. I also love Mia Luckie, she makes casual dressing look so chic, oh and Jodie Wood, she always looks so put together and I love how she incorporates trends in a clever and affordable way.

What fashion pieces are on your wish list for SS24?

Hayls - I'm in the market for a new trench, one with a shirt style collar/buttons - there's a great one on Mango so that's on the list. Lilac is on my radar, we will be seeing a lot of it in the coming months. I'm currently on the hunt for some lilac silk trousers, I think they'll look great with white shirt and ballet flats. And lastly, the Agolde Luna jeans in washed black, they have a barrel leg and frayed cuff. At the start of the year I splurged on the light blue ones, it’s the most I’ve ever spent on jeans but OMG it was so worth it, they are SO good, the shape and fit is perfection. Now I want them in every colour :)

Caz- I'm on the hunt for a brown suede bag, Arket has one that is high on my wish list, for me a day to day bag has to be a crossbody or else I just won't use it. I'm loving anything in the colour pastel yellow at the moment, it really is the colour of spring. I have spotted a few pieces in this shade, so I will definitely be adding something in this colour to my wardrobe very soon.

In the Edit

What is your favourite season to style?

Hayls - Autumn all day long, don't get me wrong I love the summer and sunshine but there is something about styling an outfit for Autumn that just gets me. The layering, the textures, tailoring, wool, coats, boots, I'm here for it.

Caz - I am a Spring/Summer girl - I love being able to style an outfit without a coat, I definitely wear a lot more colour during these seasons. My Spring/summer wardrobe is very different to my autumn/winter one.

What 3 fashion pieces can you not live without?

Hayls - Light blue jeans, a good white shirt with a big collar and wide cuffs and an oversized blazer.

Caz - Trainers, black blazer and a white t-shirt.

What do you wear when you don't know what to wear?

Hayls - I have two go to outfits, either Light blue jeans, white shirt and a blazer or one of my Arket silk pyjama sets. Both are great day to night options. For daytime I'd pair with trainers, for evening a sling back heel sparkly bag and maybe a red lip.

Caz - Colourful trainers, blue jeans, classic white t-shirt, an oversized blazer & lots of gold jewellery - it works for pretty much any occasion.

In the Edit

We loved chatting to the In the Edit gals for our Style Series and we want to thank them for always supporting Mantra Official, it means so much to us 🖤

Be sure to follow @in.theedit for your daily dose of outfit inspiration and stay tuned for what the future holds for this unstoppable duo.