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Aideen Feely fashion stylist

Signature Style Series: Outfits For Your Winter Getaway

Written by: Aideen Feely



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With Our Style Expert Aideen Feely

“As a seasoned fashion stylist & Creative Director for Mantra Official, I am excited to be starting this series to bring you regular outfit ideas, styling tips & lifestyle blog posts.  With many years of experience in the fashion industry as a stylist & fashion editor, I am here to help you navigate trends & understand how to build a timeless wardrobe that redefines chic."

"I am here to help you navigate trends & understand how to build a timeless wardrobe that redefines chic."

City Break
Ski Trip

Ski Trip Edge

Hit the slopes in style with leather pants, a chic puffa jacket, and a snug knit beanie. Choose to keep your feet warm and in fashion during après-ski with a great pair of biker boots – a stylish choice that won't disappoint. 

Styling Tip: Optimize your ski adventure by choosing sleek, skin-fit leather pants. Tucking these pants into your biker boots not only adds a touch of flair but also ensures a snug fit that prevents snow from entering.

Ski Trip

The Great Outdoors

Pair your high-neck jumper with a quilted jacket for a beautiful and cozy combination. Riding boots not only complete the look but also offer style & practicality for navigating the great outdoors.

Styling Tip: Choose a hands-free shoulder bag and dark frames. These practical and fashionable accessories provide convenience by protecting your eyes from the winter sun's glare and keeping your essentials secure while allowing you to move with ease.

Great Outdoors

City Break

Step into the city's rhythm by opting for sock boots as the foundation of your outfit, effortlessly blending comfort and style. Team these boots with flared jeans, a wool blend coat, and a neutral scarf for a chic and versatile city look.

Styling Tip: Opt for a longline wool blend coat to effortlessly shift from sightseeing to shopping, and from cocktails to dinner. The extended length adds sophistication, making it an ideal piece for a seamless day-to-night city break.

City Break

Countryside Living

Begin your cozy ensemble with an oversized coat, gold-button leggings and western style knee-high boots, This thoughtful pairing ensures you embody both comfort and timeless style as you immerse yourself in the rustic charm of the countryside.

Styling Tip: Prioritize comfort without sacrificing fashion in the countryside by opting for leggings. Choose on-trend details such as gold earrings, tort sunglasses, and leather gloves to help create a luxurious feel.


Winter Markets

With Chilly temperatures in mind a cozy sherpa-trimmed jacket and matching hat paired effortlessly with high-waisted jeans and patent ankle boots is your weather and fashion appropriate ensemble for exploring the charming stalls.

Styling Tip: To create a flattering silhouette opt for a pair of jeans that fit comfortably at your natural waist. Consider a cozy or thicker denim for warmth.

Winter Markets